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About Choukouya

   Choukouya (properly pronounced) comes from an African native language commonly used in the north of Ivory coast meaning grilled/braised meat, in its real sense steakhouse. What is the difference between our way of grilling and for instance the way Brazilian grill, we double seasoned our meat. This means that we season our meat for the first time before we start its preparation and we season the meat again while we are preparing with another type of crafted seasoning that the meat absorbs which gives a breathtaking taste after all.


Every detail matters to us, even when we are frying, anything we can do or must   do to ensure that not just stomach is getting satisfied but also a very important part of you which is the palate of our tongue. The joy you will feel while tasting our food will be our satisfaction at Choukouya Restaurant. We also served some very traditional and common African dishes with the famous fufu. If you are willing to regal yourself with your family and friends, you had picked the right place for it.

We hope and ensure that you will enjoy every bite of everything with us today. Have a wonderful experience with us and come back tomorrow for more

Female Chef

From the People


“The food and atmosphere area absolutely wonderful! The staff were so friendly and the manager himself came and made sure we were enjoying our experience.”


“Great portion sizes/value, friendly staff and modern/appealing atmosphere! Get the meat pies and fried plantains and lose yourself in a simpler time!!”



“Very nice classy place and it’s in the upper part of Cleveland Grown & Sexy glad I was able to check it out the food was good more of a traditional feel and taste but I like trying new things the bar is priced very well also the women were very nice and accommodating will be back... oh yeah try the meat pie it’s so good!”

“Experience the cuisine of a culture that is unique in taste, style, and preparation.”

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